Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Forex Basics: Online Videos Forex Training Courses

I say forget attending all those Forex Orientation seminars.  All they tell you about Forex trading can be found in the web for free.  And you can learn so much more from watching videos online.  You just have to know where to look.

Here's a quick list on where I got my Free Forex Education.

1. Mario Singh

Sign up for free and get his 7 day Intensive Forex Training Course.  These videos alone are worth more than what you'll learn from attending a basic Forex orientation seminar.  You can go to his site MarioSingh.com or search for FX1 Academy in google.

If you don't want to sign up for anything, you just have to know where to search.  Look for him in YouTube. Most of his videos are hosted in YouTube.

Since I'm feeling good and generous, here's the link to 14 videos about learning how to trade in Forex.  It's public and free.  I would love to host them in this site but I don't have the rights for that so please just view it in YouTube.  Mario Singh is based in Singapore by the way.

2. Mark So

Mark So is the founder of Forex Club Asia.
If you want a simpler version, just like what you would get in a Forex orientation, I suggest you view these videos from Forex Club Asia first.  These videos are free as well but you have to sign up for a free account to be able to view it.  The videos are very short and I think Mark did a good job in simplifying the technical aspects of Forex Trading.

I consider these two (I would hold back saying great individuals for now as I am just getting to know them better as well) individuals as the source of my Forex Knowledge.  I've already signed up for the Complete Forex Training Course at Forex Club Asia and I'm ecstatic and rearing to go.  The course comes with a lifetime membership to Forex Club Asia where one can copy Mark's trades for life.  If you're considering trading Forex for life and trading Forex for a living then this could be the right resource for you especially if you find the technical jargon involved too complicated.

Forex Club Asia Lifetime Membership - Copy Mark's Trades For Life (Details here)

Coincidentally, I just realized that both my Mentors have the initials MS!  Could it be that people with the same initials are also more likely to succeed in Forex Trading?  I already have the S in $teve.  Maybe I'll call myself Mr. $teve (the Happy Trader)  from now on to get the M as well! hahaha (^o^)/  

Before I forget, probably all Forex brokers out there also offer their own training videos for Free.  For some you just need to sign up for a demo account, others might require you sign up for a live account.  Since I'm using FXCM for now,  try the link to access their Forex Training Video (FXCM).  I believe it's free and open to the public.  No need to sign up at all.

Trust me, you'll learn more from these videos than by joining all those basic Forex Orientation Seminars!  Best of all, you can access the videos anytime at home during your spare time.

Happy Forex Trading Everyone.  I hope this site can be a useful resource for all beginning Forex Traders and  even professional Forex Traders in the long run.

Pips Be With You!


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